Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Sunday Click List (No. 5)

'the sunday click list' is a weekly post where i share a selection of my favourite online hot spots that i've been clicking on during the past 7 days (see last week's HERE and view the entire series HERE).
{ afeiter: helen }
afeiter: just another great blog i found recently. helen is a librarian who likes baking and fashion. i find her outfit shots unique and interesting and love her use of bold, primary colours. her cake creations are nothing short of amazing.

the power of make-up: it always amazes me when i see the transformation that make-up can achieve. when done well it can make a girl go from average to stunning in no time at all. this particular transformation is astounding.

closet organisation by 'making it lovely': in my dreams my closet looks like this.

how to make fabric panel wall art: this cool project is one of the next on my list as i already have the 'frame' (left over from this large noticeboard) and just need to choose a funky fabric pattern to stretch over it. it'll go above my sofa in my new lounge.

43 things: the world's largest goal setting community. this site ultimately pushed me in the direction of starting this blog so i have a lot to thank it for! to find me on 43 things click HERE. although, my goals are also update on my blog HERE.

what have you been clicking on this week?


  1. That make-up one is absolutely amazing! As is that wardrobe. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I love 'making it lovely' wardrobe organisation, her shoes are organised like mine except I've got way more in each drawer! I love storage ideas and am constantly re-organising stuff!

  3. Ooo, definitely going to try that fabric panel wall art. What a simple way to liven up a room!

  4. Love it. The power of make up is pretty amazing! I'm quite lucky that I dont have to put that much make up on but wow!



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